New Dreamweaver Display

Stop in and see our new Dreamweaver Carpet Display.

Dreamweaver is one of the largest and fastest growing carpet mills in the world.  They began production in 2009 with the most modern, eco friendly equipment, facilities and processes.  All Dreamweaver manufacturing facilities are located in the United States. Dreamweaver Carpets are designed to be beautiful and durable.

All carpets in the display are on sale for $3.00 off a sy until 12/31/2019.


*Perfect for busy households with pets and children
*Simply pop it on top of any existing hard surface flooring
*Easy peel and stick installation
*Vacuum friendly
*Simply lift, clean and replace
*Visit for more information
We have 1296 SF of 9” x 36” Floorigami carpet tiles, color: Cubicle, in stock.  Regular price $3.69 SF. 
Our cash and carry price only $2.79 SF.   Please schedule your pickup in advance.

Graber, Free Cordless Lift

Find out details on our Free Cordless Lift from Graber

Mannington LVS Sale

All styles/designs available in three performance levels - Platinum, Gold and Silver - and all are $5.00 off a square yard until 12/20/2019.
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